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Must have qualities of a performing website.

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Many business invest a lot in websites. But unfortunately few of these websites actually do work, and this has caused many business who should be making a lot of money to lose money to their competitors or at worst, those who actually rely online marketing go out of business.

But it shouldn't be like that. Every business deserves a chance to thrive online no matter what you sell and provide.(provided it adds value to the society around you).

So where is the problem?

Your website is one of the greatest assets that your business has and having a website that doesn't actually do what it is supposed to do (and that is to sell by the way, "FYI"), your business is surely not going to compete online.

Many people spend there time focusing on the looks of the website, the colors, the pictures, the fonts and all of these design attributes which are actually also very crucial but they play a little part in the customers journey.

When you confuse, you lose;

Do you know that the average internet user watches over 5000 ads a day? Yaaaa.... that's true don't try to look it up.

That means that there is a lot of competition out there for the same customers by different business.

Now whoever communicates clearly gets to take the highest number of customers, just as it is in the jungle "survival for the fittest", so it is for business.... if you confuse you lose.

So how do you communicate clearly?

What is the meaning of life? ok the let me re-phrase that question, how do you find meaning in life?

Different people will have different answers to that question, but the most closest and sincere answer is RELATIONSHIPS.

We all have this huge desire in our lives to love and to be loved, to have strong and lasting relationship, and that is the point most of the marketers forget t put in mind when they are building websites, designed ads or creating e-mail campaigns.

We always have to remember that there is a person at the end of that message you are sending and know that you are not talking to a robot.. but your fellow human being.

So if the main point here is creating relationships, how are we going to relate with some one we have never met?

The only way we can create strong connections with your customers is through story.

Many things have come and gone, different leaders are overthrown, technologies change, fashion and and many other of the such, but one of the things has been in the human tradition cross culturally without even getting lost for a single day in history, is "story".

People relate to one another through stories because they give you a chance to get to know one another on a deeper level. Stories bear details about somebody, or something that happened to them or what they are planning to do.

And in doing this, it creates a really strong bond between the one telling the story and the one listening to the story.

And we as marketers who are also dealing people by the way, can never miss use such a great tool in our marketing campaigns and a website being one our greatest marketing tools also can't afford to miss having the power of story.

But the since when we are building websites we are not writing novels, it gets hard on knowing what and how we are going to implement this on our websites.

But thanks to brilliant people who have really put a lot of thought and research into knowing how this magnificent tool could be used to transform the life of marketing forever. And the secret lies in the story brand framework


Many people never realize why movies sell soo much. The secret lies in the really creative way that these movie writers use their story telling skills to the point of making people sit and watch really long hour videos without actually getting tired of watching.

All movies share a similar pattern if you really pay close attention to what is happening.

There is usually a hero...who the whole movie is all about. And this hero needs to get something.

But for some reason he can't get it you know why, because there is a problem he can't figure out why and that is why he has to look for a guide who will help to overcome this challenge. And the guide comes with a plan then calls the hero to action presenting a solution to him.

That is what the story brand framework does, it helps us to help our customers.

It does it by position your business as the guide to your customers who are the heroes who can't figure out how to solve a certain problem in their lives.

Your business places its product or service as a solution to this problem simply clarifying and creating a path that the customer has to take in order to overcome this problem.


Many business have neglected the above framework and have ended up wasting lots of resources on marketing that doesn't not bring enough return for the amount of work they do.

When you clearly communicate how you are going to make your customers life better, it not only builds trust between you and your clients since they feel like your are giving them something really valuable and not just wanting to take their money.

It will also help you to charge for what you deserve as a business that really is working so hard to create value in the market.

Remember "When you confuse, you lose" and.... "Facts tell but stories sell".

Let us help you to Create a website that will create a difference.

You deserve a website that works as hard as you do...... contact us at www.thrivex-digital.com

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