• Twijjukye Anan

The Story brand framework and how to use it on your website for the best results.

Many people wonder why their websites don't actually work at all. And that is the question that I also used to ask myself sometime back when I was starting to get into the marketing field.

And what I know from experience is that such a feeling can make you really lose hope in the life of digital marketing and many businesses have ended up dropping out from the race.

But it shouldn't be like that. We know that you as a business owner, you work really hard and you want to see how you can make the world a better place and you want to use your product or service to do that.

That is why the story brand framework is here and in this following section I am going to show you what the story brand framework is and how you can successfully use it on your website and actually in the entire marketing that your business runs both online and offline.

What is the story brand framework?

Think about the following statements for a while before we go so far in the details of story brand...

(i) We sell shoes.!! Place your order now and get 15% off. This is a one time offer. Our company produces the best shoes in the world.

(ii) We know that you want to go for that next party coming up next week but you just don't what shoes you are going to wear on that really special occasion. We believe that people who dress well are addressed well, Be the man that dresses to kill. PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW.

Above are two marketing messages for a similar product (shoes), if you put your self in the customers shoes which company are you likely to buy from or make business with...

Am sure that many will say that it is the later, and why is that soo...?

The mistake many marketers do out there is that they forget that at the end of that message they are sending, there is a fellow human being

And this human being has emotions and feelings, and these feelings are the ones that motivate him to do what he/she wants to do.

So if we take a look at the second message above, that shoe company doesn't talk about their product at first but they First create a connection with the customer.

And they do this by point out the problem that they are having in their life and in this case, the problem is not shoes, the problem is not being able to be the man or woman that dresses to make a different and of course there is no way that attire can be complete without good looking shoes that is how the business now brings in the product.

SOOO.. the story brand framework helps businesses clarify their messages by positioning the business as a guide and the customer as a hero who needs something in their life but they can't get it because they have a huge obstacle in their way.

And the business plays a role of the guide to help the customers get in the easiest and simplest way possible and of course the way they are going to do that is by using your product as that solution or vehicle.

It sound simple but that alone makes many customers want to buy from because now you don't feel like someone wanting to make money from them but you are positioning yourself as someone who is helping them and who doesn't want to be helped?

The seven parts that make up the story brand framework.

So the what all do we need to implement this framework on a website. And you might be wondering how we are going to write a story on a website that is just going to be selling products.

We are going to breakdown this framework in to 7 simples but powerful steps that even the best and most selling movies out there use.

  1. Hero

  2. Problem

  3. Guide

  4. Plan

  5. solution

  6. Call to Action

  7. Stakes.

Sections explained;

  1. THE HERO.

I don't know how I can emphasize this enough, You are no the hero, your customer is the hero and this is their journey they are on.

Just as we see in the movies, and this actually applies to any movie you have seen, their is always the hero who wants something in their life but for one reason or the other they can't get this.

And this ends up making them to want to give up. So your customer is the hero and it is your role to let them know that they are.

And how many business owners end up messing up is buy starting to talk about themselves and how many employees they have, how many awards they have and i tell you that by the time someone clicked on a specific link to your website, they didn't come there to know how big you are but they are pursuing something they couldn't get anywhere.

And if they see that you are just talking about yourself, they will leave your site in just a blink of an eye and look for someone who they see cares about them and wants to help them in this hero's journey they are on.

So on the very first page, and that is the home page that they land on, let them know that you know that they are looking for something and you are here to help them attain their goals as easy as possible.

Encourage them as the heroes and talk about them not about you and your great achievements... and these will come somewhere else in the story but not now, this is a time to grab their attention and no other way is good to grab attention than highlighting someone's desires.