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Top 10 websites on the internet 2022

The Pizza or the box?

Let me start by asking you a simple question, think about the best pizza you have ever had.

Would you prefer to get a pizza that has a good packaging but not so sweet inside, or would you prefer one that is just sweet even if the packaging isn’t that great…?

I know that probably the answer that is in your mind is “man I think would have both”.

So how do websites align with pizzas? That wasn’t the best example I could come up with but I hope it will enable you to understand the mistakes many people make while starting to get a website.

What makes a website "good" or "bad"?

It wouldn’t be that fair if I start right away by just giving you just a list of what I call the best websites in the market before I get to tell you what actually a good website is and what are the criteria we use to know that one is good or isn’t.

Many people think that what makes a good website is the design, how it looks, the colors, the images, website builder, blaaa….blaaa…..blaaa.

All of those play a part in the making of the website but a website isn’t good if it doesn’t have a clear brand that it communicates clearly to the visitors..

And if we are talking about the pizza and the box, the message(clear brand) is the pizza and the rest are the box…. and I would rather enjoy the pizza if the box is not that great. But this isn’t an excuse for having poorly designed websites.

All I am trying to say is that a good website is a clearly branded website, and you will not find many of those websites in the market except those that use one of the most powerful and proven tools for marketing called the storybrand websites.

The storybrand marketing framework?

The storybrand framework is the most popular marketing framework that breaks down the customers’ journey into 7 parts.

It positions the customer as a hero who wants something in their life but they can’t get it just because there is a huge problem in their way.

Then comes a guide with a plan who later calls the hero to action to use the product as the solution in order to overcome obstacles and avoid what could go wrong if they don't.

And that's all. That alone has helped millions of businesses connect to their ideal customers making millions of money.



home page of a neat home page

Personally I find calendly to be one of my favorite websites it has this clean feel that really shows and depicts that really these people will help you organize your life more

So when we think about the best websites in the market currently and we forget to talk about calendly, that totally shows that we have done it a disgrace by not appreciating the design they have


I have a special love towards the elderly, and when i see the work that these people are doing..it makes me appreciate them more for their work.

Not sure about your future? These are the best people to work with, they provide a step by step financial plan that will help you grow your money and keep it for a long time.


Indeed just as their tag line goes..."Everything you need to know to grow a business." Business made simple university has still been one of the best marketing agencies on the internet and it is the home of the STORYBRAND framework.

They have a really good storybranded website with a really unique design


A clean and a clear aspirational identity on the home page makes a really fantastic website.

Rezdy is another internet banger that provides and online booking platform to operators and resellers globallay and heps them to save alot of time, get connected, rebuild and ultimately grow their businesses.

check them out


Stop prepping and start doing the work. does that statement sound familiar? many of us actually spend a lot of time wanting to do somethings and in the end we end up not doing anything at all.

So don't worry i think that's the reason accountability mornings is here for you.


I know that we have thousands of web-designers on the internet. But many people build websites that don't sell.

Thrivex creates fully branded websites that set you apart from the market and it does this by using the power of story brand and as it goes, Stories sell but facts tel.


Discover a simple way to create engaging persuasive and impactful presentations using prezi.

The era of power point is about done a new tech and revolution changes the course of action.


Don' t waste resources on hiring people that won't accomplish that task that has been bothering you.

With Moellering, get to hire the right person with the right motives and for th right job.


Are at home, on a trip, somewhere far.. FYI health gives you access to medical care where you are whenever you want it.

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